Mouse / Moose
Taste of Good Old Times

by williec

Today I meet Erasmus again after almost 4 long years. Back in Singapore I remember we would hang out with the usuals every other day for lunch/dinner/12am meals. How time has gone by since then. I heard about how everyone was doing well and we had a great time catching up.

Ever since moving to Canada I have often wondered about whether old friends will meet again and despite the years, still have great time hanging out. I occasionally get dreams about meeting my old friends and feeling awkward in the moment because we’ve all changed and been disconnected for so long. The image of these friends frozen in my mind exactly as they were when I last saw them years ago.

Yes, indeed we have changed. The friends we once thought were the best people ever have grown, matured, started new careers, gotten new experiences and built new lives. But friends will always be friends. Meeting with Erasmus today felt good, and sort of heartwarming. It’s like watching Toy Story 3 after many years since Toy Story 2, but way better because this is real life.