LA Bamba to Los Angeles

by williec

This happened last weekend. Three friends and I made a road trip to Los Angeles. It was a fairly spontaneous one; all plans cooked and confirmed in under a week. We started the drive on Friday evening when we all finished our day at work and arrived 7 hours later at 2am. Here are some pictures to capture the moments at Universal Studios Hollywood, Walk of Fame, Venice beach, and other random bambas. Good times.


  • Los Angeles feels quite a lot warmer than San Francisco, especially at night.
  • Venice beach is beautiful. There’s mountains, the ocean, a long coast.
  • Lots of houses are built on hills. Fancy and inconvenient at the same time.
  • Universal Studios is really nice and all, but the rides could be more exciting.
  • Jurassic Park’s soundtrack is the definition of epic. Gets stuck in my head.
  • Yup, it just started playing in my head again.
  • Places are more accessible in the bay area. Feels more organized.
  • LA is done now. What’s next?