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Category: Winter 2014

Ideas for Web Applications

Every once or twice in a 4 month term, I get a sudden rush of inspiration and ideas for cool things to take on as projects. This term at Mozilla there has been a lot of exposure with open sourcing, scraping the web for data and software tooling and automation. This lapse of ideas mostly […]

LA Bamba to Los Angeles

This happened last weekend. Three friends and I made a road trip to Los Angeles. It was a fairly spontaneous one; all plans cooked and confirmed in under a week. We started the drive on Friday evening when we all finished our day at work and arrived 7 hours later at 2am. Here are some […]

A day in San Francisco

Things I liked/enjoyed: The Caltrain. It is very comfortable, is very fast, is on time, seems reliable. Grilled onion cheeseburgers from McDonalds. Yes, I had McDonalds again. Local public transit in SF. Two different and intertwining local transit services in one city. Convenient. Going to San Francisco without any plans, and deciding only after getting […]

Mozillian – Week 1

Firstly, I love the place I’m living at because there’s a gym, a hot spa, blah blah, and my bedroom is awesome. Mountain View is an awesome city to be in. The weather hovers around 16′C, and the streets are well maintained. In fact, the streets are very posh and upscale when compared to what […]

Current State of Mind

Resolutions for Winter 2014

Ah, the eve of Christmas. My hopes of spending the season in sunny Singapore ruined by a combination of bureaucratic delays and budget constraints. My alternate plans of a road trip to Montreal foiled by the ice storm that hit Toronto. So I’m left spending the Christmas break stuck at home with family. But considering how […]