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Release Readiness Dashboard
Qb query Builder

The Release Readiness Dashboard chose Elastic Search as the source of Bugzilla data because it was fast and provided a convenient means of retrieving historic information for plotting trends. However, the native queries used to request data from Elastic Search clusters are long, ugly, and horrible JSON objects. To solve the issue of dealing with […]

Release Readiness Dashboard
Rules for Scoring

Looking back at groups of queries, we know that each individual group is a metric that the Release Management team cares about when deciding on the release readiness of that particular version. One of the key objectives of the dashboard is being able to automatically compute a release readiness score based on important metrics. In […]

Release Readiness Dashboard
Running with the Train

Simply put, the release readiness dashboard is an overview of various versions of Mozillian products Firefox, Fennec, and Firefox OS. It provides a trend (or current number) of the various kinds of bugs that the release management team cares about when determining whether or not a particular version is on track to be ready before […]

Why I picked CodeIgniter over Laravel 4

Every web artist and artisan knows how awesome Laravel4 is by now. Blade templating, Object relational mapping, routing, built-in restful controllers? Sweeet. Having developed with CodeIgniter before, Laravel 4 was the coolest web thing ever when I first got to play around with it. I even wrote a 12 page academic report about how awesome […]

Mozillian – Week 1

Firstly, I love the place I’m living at because there’s a gym, a hot spa, blah blah, and my bedroom is awesome. Mountain View is an awesome city to be in. The weather hovers around 16′C, and the streets are well maintained. In fact, the streets are very posh and upscale when compared to what […]

Resolutions for Winter 2014

Ah, the eve of Christmas. My hopes of spending the season in sunny Singapore ruined by a combination of bureaucratic delays and budget constraints. My alternate plans of a road trip to Montreal foiled by the ice storm that hit Toronto. So I’m left spending the Christmas break stuck at home with family. But considering how […]