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Shutdown: 4A study term

This term has been very unfruitful. I picked up League of Legends after an abstinence streak from DotA that lasted 4 good years. This kinda makes me sad. I’ve also lost a lot of motivation, especially with books and academia. It really isn’t the gaming that’s causing this. It is more just a lack of […]

Ideas for Web Applications

Every once or twice in a 4 month term, I get a sudden rush of inspiration and ideas for cool things to take on as projects. This term at Mozilla there has been a lot of exposure with open sourcing, scraping the web for data and software tooling and automation. This lapse of ideas mostly […]

Mouse / Moose
Taste of Good Old Times

Today I meet Erasmus again after almost 4 long years. Back in Singapore I remember we would hang out with the usuals every other day for lunch/dinner/12am meals. How time has gone by since then. I heard about how everyone was doing well and we had a great time catching up. Ever since moving to […]

Mozillian – Week 1

Firstly, I love the place I’m living at because there’s a gym, a hot spa, blah blah, and my bedroom is awesome. Mountain View is an awesome city to be in. The weather hovers around 16’C, and the streets are well maintained. In fact, the streets are very posh and upscale when compared to what […]

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